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About Clock Cleaners

About Clock Cleaners Premium Solvent Cleaners

Fortunate for those today such a premium grade product is possible following one grand mishap...

Even as American brilliance fills the dark interstices of universal ignorance with the light of knowledge, some mysteries still taunt us from behind their misty veils. Such is the world of minute particles and energetic forces.  These tiny Titans came together one fateful eve whilst Sir Fredrich D’ Fisticuff dedicated yet another late and arduous night toward perfecting the potential of the Clock Cleaners brand premium line of solvent cleaners. Time and space pulled out from under him much like a slippery oriental rug spread upon polished timber-sticked flooring and flung were he, facility and all, into the cosmic vortex.

And here landed, factory, process, products and all, in your year 2016.  We at Clock Cleaners thumb our noses at the H.G. Wells--that bloody, flimsy, socialist, whose future vision was of a beast-like manufacturing class of men all laboring stupidly in the subterranean dark, while those they worked for had become puny and soft. 

No Sir, option not for us nor are they the destitute for those whom are righteous and pure! the Clock Cleaners Premium Brand has been engineered for the duration of time and fortunate for you fine sir, we stand by our word, before you today, in these modern times with product woven thru craft and care all of which haveth been absent for lifetimes of men! 

This having been said, do not mistaken or brand in a wrongful manner our cleaners are not at all for the faint of heart or a sickly type consumed by ill health having one boot in an informatory. And nor are they for the middle aged wealth-less man! We are a premium and premium we are as our technology is the culmination of ongoing innovation culminated over a span of years well beyond any others. After all… formed were we in an era of purity when a brilliance was the gift found only thru science. The Clock Cleaners brand is solvents at its finest made by the height of humanity for the height of humanity. 

So here we are in the 21st century and making the most of it. A visionary such as Sir Fredrich D’ Fisticuff must have only been destined to step into the future. And high time! We at Clock Cleaners ship direct to you by steamer and rail, pony and post, and now motorcar as well! All from the most modern of modern steam powered factory operated by a mighty staff of the most dedicated orphans all running around the clock from the grand climes of Delaware USA.

Wire us today with further inquiry, and to him whom chooses not, his loss I say!

Fredrich D’ Fisticuff


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