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How To Buy?

How to Buy

Thanks to our incredible list of loyal customers and our strong relationships with our manufacturers and suppliers, Clock Cleaners is happy to announce that there are many ways to purchase these top of the line solvent cleaners in 2018!

If you are an individual that just requires a few bottles to keep on hand for tough or repeat machinery cleaning tasks, then you will be thrilled to know that Clock Cleaners is the only place where you can purchase premium grade solvent cleaners for a fraction of what lower quality distributors will sell it at. Feel free to try out one, two, or three solvent cleaners at a time, or, order one of our fantastic combo packs to save even more money and give you a variety of solvent cleaners to choose from! No other distributor can beat our pricing or our top of the line, award-winning, solvent cleaners!

If you know that Clock Cleaners has a product that you love and you want to share it with your part of the world, then look into purchasing our products wholesale. While the requirement for the amount purchased is higher, remember, so is the savings! Purchasing wholesale means that you will have enough product on hand to last as long as you need AND you are able to resell product so that others can experience the powerful effects that the Clock Cleaners line of products produces.

No matter what your needs, or how you buy, Clock Cleaners is committed to making sure that you have access to powerful and potent solvent cleaners that are there to assist you with all of your precision machinery cleaning needs! Guaranteed!